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Over the last few years, there has been a notable increase in the need and popularity of psychometric test services in educational settings in India. Psychometric Tests are designed for exploration of core personality traits, aptitude, cognitive abilities, Emotional Intelligence (E. Q.), IQ, strengths and weaknesses, adaptive functioning and coping skills. Assessment of these skills provides valuable information to students, parents, teachers and school/college administrators helping them in taking important decisions. Maanasdhara provides qualitative psychometric test services to schools, colleges, professional educational institutions and universities supported by a team of experienced educational and social psychologists.
Maanasdhara Psychometric Test Services
Psychometric Test Services for Schools
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Selecting good people to work in a school like sensitive place is not easy these days. Psychometric test of teachers and other school staff as recommended by MHRD and CBSE may prove to be an effective tool in the hands of school administrators to filter out the unwanted type. Psychometric assessment of teachers and other staff before recruitment in schools gives immunity to a large extent against people who may have hidden negative constructs in behaviour and personality.
Maanasdhara is providing psychometric services to schools since 2012, much before since introduction of these tests by CBSE in its affiliated schools. We are psychometric test partners of a number of leading groups of schools across India.
Purpose of the assessment process is to explore potential risk factors and mitigating factors for people working or applying to work with children and young people to enable a determination of satisfactory or unsatisfactory in relation to each person`s suitability for the safeguard of children and young people.
Maanasdhara Psychometric Tests assess the potential for aberrant behaviours including but not limited to violence, aggression, emotional inadequacy, inappropriate sexual behaviour and positive reinforcement factors like psychological fitness and wellbeing e.g. strong support networks, good emotional regulation, stable personality characteristics, strong self-concept, ability to effectively manage past trauma.
Main parameters that we adjudge during the psychometric assessment of teachers and other staff members are criminal mind-set, emotional stability, stress tolerance, understanding of consequences, accountability, sensitivity, empathy, EQ & IQ, adaptive functioning and aptitude in terms of cognitive, reasoning, verbal and numerical abilities.
We also analyse general workplace habits as subordinate, colleague and superior along with core strengths and weaknesses with a perspective to school like work environment. Common traits that we analyse are diligence, value-system, composition, empathy, people skills, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, self-control, mental strength, dependability, work-ethics, integrity etc.
We provide online and offline certificates along with a detailed personality report to each person qualifying the test for the perusal of school and CBSE. An online dashboard will be provided to the school and each staff member for easy access to certificates and personality reports.
Ask for a quotation from Maanasdhara today. We specialize in Psychometric Testing in the field of school education in the Indian environment in synergy with social and ethical standards.

Psychometric Services for Professional Colleges/Universities
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  • Psychometric Test of Aptness
  • Professional Competency
  • New Faculty Recruitment
  • For Students-
  • Assessing Employability Skills
  • Personality and Aptitude Tests
  • EQ and IQ Analysis

For Faulty Members

Maanasdhara offers psychometric test of aptness to measure professional competence of faculty members of colleges and universities. These tests help administrators ensure that the right kind of persons are in the role of teachers with the ideal frame of mind by exploring their core traits and skills scientifically. As the best policy, a psychometric test at the time of appointment ensures peace of mind to applicant and employer both.

  • Psychometric Test of Aptness for Faculty Members.
  • Professional Competency Test.
  • Psychometric Test for Recruitment of New Faculty.
  • Psychometric Test for Senior Administrative Positions.
  • Progressive Development Framework Services.

For Students

Employability skills are achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and necessary for getting, keeping and being successful in a job. These are skills and attitudes that enable employees to get along with their colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problems, earn respect and ultimately become strong ambassadors for the organization.
There has been a tendency of holding colleges and institutions responsible for the poor employability skills, but this is only half the truth. Society, parents and students are also equally responsible for this monumental gap. Knowledge and skills are no longer the motivation to study. Most of them may be found confused about their self, their abilities and aptitudes, goals and ignorant about the gap between ambition and abilities and unhealthy attitude towards processes of learning and performing.
This is where psychological support services come into play. The whole process of education is about people; for the people and by the people, therefore, the presence of a psychologist will give strength to the system. Students need regular counselling, guidance and motivation to produce their best and set and achieve their goals. They must be able to deliver what is expected from them by the industry. The last few years have also seen some convergence in what is seen as best practice in preparing young professionals at colleges and universities by giving due attention to employability skills.
Moreover, in the corporate world; aptitude, abilities, EQ and IQ analysis, personality profiling and other types of psychometric assessments are being used extensively by HR experts as effective tools of recruitment. Hence it becomes necessary for aspiring young professionals to mould their development as per the desired 360-degree approach. Psychometric Tests ensures that development of students in terms of aptitude, skills and personality is on the right path.
With a sincere commitment to quality, we strive for providing the best psychological support services to our clients maintaining their high standards adding value and glory to the association.

Psychometric Services for Individuals
  • For Teachers-
  • Psychometric Test of Aptness
  • Professional Competency
  • New Faculty Recruitment
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