Parents` Enhancement Program

Parents` Enhancement Program

Career Counselling for Students

Students` Enhancement Program

Maanasdhara provides counselling, training and psychometric test services to schools and other educational fraternities. Our firm belief is that future of mankind takes its shape in lap of Education and Society and every goal can be achieved by educating, training and sensitizing teachers, students and parents. We have a sincere commitment to quality and present remarkable learning and skill development benefits to schools, students, teachers, parents and society.
Maanasdhara facilitates group/individual counselling sessions for students in schools including general, behaviour, educational, social and career aspects supported by life skills development training sessions. For students Personality, Ability and Aptitude Tests are there under psychometric services to help them choose best course of study and career. Maanasdhara also organizes workshops for students of different age-groups teaching prevention of sexual abuse faciltated by experts.

Teachers' training Workshops are there for professional development of teachers. Domains that we cover range from Classic Classroom Management, Time Management, Coping with stress and anxiety to Pedagogy, Theories of Learning and Evaluation, Bloom's Taxonomy, Developing Emotional Intelligence to Modern Techniques like Active Contextual Teaching, Design Thinking, Gamification and  Neuro-Linguistic Programming for teachers. These workshops are result oriented, inculcating the qualities from within with a how to do approach. Our belief at Maanasdhara is that a teacher has utmost powers to educate, build and maintain an excellent society. Everything else can be achieved by educating, training and sensitizing teachers.
Resource Persons at Maanasdhara are experienced professionals with long exposure to teaching, ex-principals and senior educational psychologists. At Maanasdhara we firmly believe in the goodness residing in the heart of people. If touched well they can change the world around them significantly. 



Programs Offered by Maanasdhara

  • Stream-X

    Selection of stream of study after passing class 10th is a crucial decision in life. Often students and their parents find it difficult to take this decision logically. Many times this decision is taken on superficial grounds under parental, peer o..

  • My X-Factor

    Selection of course of study/career after passing class 12th is a crucial decision in life. Often students and their parents find it difficult to take this decision logically. Many times this decision is taken on superficial grounds under parental, peer o..

  • Get a Counsellor for Your School - Pay per Month

    Children need professional support of an experienced counsellor beyond the normal pastoral care offered by their teachers. It is also difficult for schools to find such counsellors. Get a regular counsellor for your school visiting every week and taking care of counselling needs of your school..

  • Classroom Management and Effective Teaching - Workshop

    Effective Teaching is an art. This program addresses basic core skills of effective teaching in its own unique way. Classroom Management is also one of the core skills discussed. This program transforms a fresh graduate into an effective teacher..

  • Learning - Overcome Challenges with Skills

    Learning is not less then a gigantic challenge in the modern world. Life of students these days is the example.This program equips students with skills to cope with the pressure, emerging as a winner as well as good human beings who make world around them more beautiful by their presence..

  • Parents Orientation Program - Mindful Parenting

    Parents have a pivotal role in the process of education and their awareness can do wonders to the personal life of their wards and society. This program helps parents remain in a state of synergy with their wards and school towards achievement of common educational objectives..

  • Prevention of Sexual Abuse - Training Children

    Training children for prevention of sexual abuse is the need of hour. Almost no parents want to discuss these matters with their wards in Indian society. Hence it becomes the prime duty of school/educators to sensitize children about sexual abuse.Teachers find it difficult to address..

  • POCSO Training for Teachers

    Children can be subjected to neglect, abuse, violence and exploitation anywhere.Teachers may play a crucial role in Protection of Children from Sexual Offences and abuse. This training program has been developed to prepare teachers mentally and train them..

  • Managing Stress and Time - Workshop For Students

    Learning to manage stress and time is essential for health and progress of students. Challenges of modern model of education has put a lot of stress on the tender shoulders of students and we always see them running to manage time. This program train them manage stress and time well using NLP..

  • First-Aid Training for Teachers

    First aid training is essential for all teachers. Modern lifestyle of families has put its toll on health and well-being of children. Thus it becomes very important that all teachers have training on how to cope up skilfully with any medical emergency ari..

  • Managing Stress and Time - Workshop For Teachers

    Learning to manage stress and time is essential for teachers. Challenges of modern model of education and society has put a lot of stress on the shoulders of teachers and we always see them running to manage time at home and workplace. This program train them manage stress and time well using NLP..

  • Personality Development for Teachers

    Persona is a Personality Development Program especially crafted for teachers with special emphasis on sensitivity, integrity, appearance, presentation skills, time and stress management and much more..

  • Effective Communication in English for Teachers

    This program focuses on school and classroom Language of teachers equipping them with excellent oral and written communication skills enhancing their overall effectiveness. It stands on two pillars- Verbal and Non-Verbal..

  • Learn to Speak Fluent English Online from British Council - for Teachers and Students

    Learn English online through this interactive course brought to you by the British Council and Kris Srikkanth. Your pathway to speak fluent English with perfect pronunciation is here. Register now and start your journey towards success today..

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