Maanasdhara for Students

Maanasdhara for Students


Counselling is essential to facilitate self-learning, emotional acceptance and optimal utilization of personal resources for the bettermant of life in lives of students. A counsellor can educate, reinforce appropriate behavior, measure student learning and help create inclusive learning environment in the school. To fulfil educational objectives and ensure growth and development, children need professional support beyond the normal pastoral care offered by teachers. A child's capacity to learn effectively depends on his emotional development, life-skills, abilities and adaptation to environment.

Children must stay healthy. Being healthy means a lot. Along with physical health, they must be able to deal with the changes in body and mind, relationships with the surroundings, families, emotions and other important factors in life. We offer supportive and corrective counselling by experienced education psychologists at the premises of your school. Along with this life skills development, personality development, communication skills development is also offered for the all round development of students.

Maanasdhara Workshops for Students- 

Behavioral Counselling

The focus stays on establishment of right behaviour and correction. Neuro Linguistic Programming is used as the tool.

Duration- As per the requirement

Charges- INR 9000/- for a day. Maximum three sessions can be arranged in a day.


Career Counselling

Career Counselling and consultation both are offered. Parents may also be invited for the event. 

Duration- One day event.

Charges- INR 9000/- per event


Skill Development

Time Management, Stress Management, Planning Success, Winning over Procrastination, Hesitation and Nervousness, Adolescence Issues,  

Duration- Three Months

Charges- INR 10000/- per month


Personality, Aptitude & Stream Selection Test - Choose Best Course and Career

First Aid Training is essential for all teachers these days. Modern lifestyle of families has put its toll on health and well-being of children. Thus it becomes very important that all teachers have training on how to cope up skillfully with any medical emergency arising in school.

Duration- One Day for upto 100 students

Charges- INR 600/- per student


Training Children for Prevention of Sexual Abuse

Children can be subjected to neglect, abuse, violence and exploitation anywhere.Teachers may play a crucial role in Protection of Children from Sexual Offences and abuse. This training program has been developed to prepare teachers mentally and train them so they can tackle with the problem effectively. 

Duration- One Day Event

Charges- INR 10000/- Only ( For 20-80 Teachers )


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