Branding and Promotion of School

Branding and Promotion of School


What is Brand?

Brand is the promise, the big idea and expectations that reside in parents’ mind about the school. Creating a distinctive brand image of your school is much more than highlighting presence of the school. Brand must reflect school’s strengths, values, vision and mission projecting school as a place of real development taking perfect care of aspirations, challenges and educational preferences of targeted people. Successful brands communicate with the people around consistently and achieve recognition among them. Branding of a school is very much about making an emotional connection with students and parents, present and prospective both.

Brand Image of the School

During its initial years of functioning, a brand image of the school is created among masses and the entire future depends upon this brand image. As per its brand image, a school will be getting quality and quantity in admissions. This brand image largely depends on how is your school perceived by present and prospective students.
Parameters like quality in delivery of academics, enhancement of expression and language of students, general discipline picture, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, games and sports facilities etc. paint the true colors of your brand.
There are other indirect important factors also that affect brand-image of a school like presentation of school, general visible lay-out and work culture of the school, training level of front office staff, association of parents in teaching learning process, efficiency of teaching staff, keeping students motivated towards studies etc.

Three Ways Approach

Branding and promotion is done in a three ways approach-

  • Branding of School

  • Promotion of the School

  • Online Reputation Management

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