Class IV FAQ


  • What are Psychometric Tests ?
  • Psychometric tests are designed to measure unobserved constructs in behaviour, personality and mental make-up of an individual. They can very well predict the suitability of an individual for a particular profession. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates` suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude i.e. cognitive abilities.
  • Is Psychometric Testing of DRIVERS and CONDUCTORS/HELPERS useful for school administrators ?
  • Psychometric Tests are extremely useful for school administrators. A personality report of the teacher will tell you what kind of teacher someone is likely to be. It will also tell the administrator how to manage them better. The days when the manager could get by on their “one style fits all” approach are long dead. Today administrators have to adapt their style for each person they manage, in order to get the most from them. Personality reports will tell administrators how to manage their staff better and get the best results possible. It should make for happier administrator and happier staff.
  • What kind of tests are these ? Can I conduct these tests myself on my staff ?
  • These are specially designed tests that include paper pen tests. A person`s response towards a stimuli ( picture, situation, word etc.) is recorded in a given time. This is done in a constrained environment created by a professional psychologist. The evaluation is also done by a professional psychologist only to generate report.
  • Can a Psychometric Test be conducted online?
  • No. A psychometric test cannot be conducted online. It is done in the presence of a constrained environment created by a professional psychologist. Those who claim online tests actually conduct simple aptitude tests in name of psychometric tests.
  • How much time is required to conduct Psychometric Tests ?
  • Psychometric Testing is a time-taking process. Evaluation of an individual or a group of 20 to 30 should take half an hour to one hour. Groups can only be created of persons from a similar work background. For example primary teachers cannot be tested with senior secondary teachers. Teachers and drivers cannot be tested together.
  • Will I be getting report on the same day ?
  • Evaluation of the responses is a time taking process. Under normal work conditions 10 to 15 days are required to prepare and upload results. Report is available in both offline and online mode.  
  • Is Maanasdhara authorised to conduct these tests ?
  • Maanasdhara is working in this segment since 2012. Maanasdhara is registered with Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India on registration number UAN-UP56D0021480. We are also accredited by the Indian Association of Social and Educational Psychologists, New Delhi. We work under the aegis of `Maanasdhara Trust for Educational and Social Research and Training`.The psychologists working in our panel are selected very carefully and are fully qualified and authorised to conduct and evaluate such tests. 


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