Online Promotion

Online Promotion


Online School Promotion

Online promotion of school is the most effective way to reach people looking for a good school. Putting latest technology to work for you round the clock to present people handful of information about the school in form of pictures and videos of activities and facilities available may paint picture of a big brand. Being a team of educationists, designers and marketing professionals we are able to do it with unmatched excellency.

Benefits of Online School Promotion

Parents generally browse online through school website, different social sites like facebook, linkedin etc. before selecting a school for their children. They want to cross check the projected image during visit with the real culture of the school, quality of academics and co-curricular activities. Therefore, strong appearance in online world will increase the number of confirmed admissions along with new enquiries.

Elements of Online School Promotion

  • Effective, informative, professional and simple school website. It must be responsive. It must be fast. It must be easy to navigate through.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Rich, well maintained, daily updating facebook page.
  • School's YouTube channel to telecast videos of activities
  • Rich, well maintained linkedin page.
  • Sending emails to current parents to ensure their participation in teaching learning process.
  • Email newsletters to prospective parents.
  • Online reviews by satisfied parents.

How we do it?

Maanasdhara plans online promotion of your school in following ways-

  • Creating/Re-creating School Website

  • Search Enging Optimization

  • Creating and Managing Facebook Page of School

  • Creating and Managing School's YouTube Channel

  • Presence on Other Social Platforms like LinkedIn

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Online School Newsletter

  • Online Reviews


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