Offline Promotion

Offline Promotion


Offline School Promotion

A school has to be promoted in physical world as well. Hoardings, banners, billboards, handbills etc. have to be prepared as per the color theme selected, communicating vision and mission of school and enhancing brand image of school. They prepare average person at subconcious level to send children to your school and also counter the effects of marketing of competitive schools. Being a team of educationists, designers and marketing professionals we are able to do it with unmatched excellency.

Elements of Offline School Promotion

  • Hoardings/banners at appropriate places.
  • Regular reporting of school activities to print media.
  • Social work by school teachers/students at regular interval.
  • Effective Parent-Teacher Meetings.
  • Programs to include grand-parents in the education process.
  • Maintaining effective communication with parents.
  • Training of front-office staff of school.
  • Reputation management.

How we do it?

Maanasdhara plans offline promotion of your school in following ways-

  • Designing of hoardings/banners.

  • Media management straitegies.

  • Training of teachers for effective PTMs.

  • Training of front office staff.

  • Relation Management with Parents.

  • Organising events at school campus.

  • Organising activities for students.

  • Formulating admission process.


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