Promotion of School


School Promotion

School promotion is a kind of communication with the people around designed to inform, remind, persuade and influence them about the goodness of school. At Maanasdhara we plan your school’s promotion both ways- online and offline aggressively. Being a team of educationists, designers and marketing professionals we are able to do it with unmatched excellency.

Objectives of School Promotion

  • To provide authentic information about the school.
  • To highlight uniqueness of your school
  • To increase number of parents’ enquiries/visits for admission.
  • To establish higher brand value of the school.
  • To ensure parents’ participation in teaching learning process.
  • To offset competitor schools' marketing efforts.
  • To build a positive image of the school among masses.

How we do it?

Maanasdhara plans promotion of your school in following three ways-

  • Online Promotion

  • Offline Promotion

  • Indirect Promotion

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