Pre-Exam Counselling - MagiX

Pre-Exam Counselling - MagiX

 Maanasdhara for Students

Learning is the most amazing aspect of human life. It is beautiful and enjoying both. In present scenario many of the students do not seem to enjoy learning. As the Examination approaches they are very often susceptible to emotional distress due to evaluation and performance anxiety. They might be facing problems like loneliness, learning disabilities, emotional issues and peer group pressures while their parents and teachers may be completely unaware of their inner struggle thus unable to provide desired support. MagiX opens gateway to optimum utilization of resources and discuss techniques that help the students learn to sail through ups and downs of life boldly overcoming challenges.

Salient Features of MagiX- 

Stress Management

Stress is an inseparable part of human life. To certain extent even stress is also necessary to focus on work and to perform well.  It is a driving force also for human progress. Students often find it difficult to handle and manage stress in a healthy manner. This program introduces students to simple techniques and practices that help them manage stress well and convert it into motivation for success.

Time Management

Students may waste significant time in non-productive chores without actually realising the importance of time. Time is most important asset of any human being and managing it is a magical blend of mathematics and art. It happens inside our mind and can be learnt and mastered.

Art of Joyful Learning

Human beings are born inquisitive. Learning new things and mastering new skills is a pleasure and biggest reward itself. Faulty learning styles spoil the beauty in learning. This workshop re-introduces students to the joy of learning.

Quantum Memory

Our brain has supreme abilities of storing and recalling data. Once students understand how the brain handles data, they may use their abilities in a better way to achieve success. We discuss some finest techniques developed over time in quantum memory and revision.

Duration-  MagiX is available in following modes. Schools may choose any mode as per their requirement-

  • » One Day Event
  • » Fixed number of days every month

Charges- INR 10'000/- for One Day Event. Maximum two sessions can be arranged in a day.


From the Eye of Camera

 Art of Deep Study workshop for students by Maanasdhara

 Pre-Exam Counselling by Maanasdhara

 Pre-Exam Counselling by Maanasdhara

 Pre-Exam Counselling by Maanasdhara

Key Features
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • TIme Management Techniques
  • Art of Deep Study
  • Quantum Memory
  • Superfast Revision
  • Life is Precious and Beautiful
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