My X-Factor

My X-Factor

stream selection after class 10

Selection of course of study/career after passing class 12th is a crucial decision in life. Often students and their parents find it difficult to take this decision logically. Many times this decision is taken on superficial grounds under parental, peer or societal pressure without considering the natural aptitude, interests and abilities of concerned student, thus blocking pathways of real success.

Maanas is a psychological test specially designed for students who have passed class XII to find out best course of study after XII and career for them on the basis of aptitude, interest and personality. Maanas gives them an insight into their core skills and personality so as to help them select best career.

What is Aptitude-
Aptitude or inherent talent helps a person to learn to do a particular task easily and quickly. To be specific, one is born with these potentials and it gets reflected because of a person’s early development and experience. While knowledge and skills can be continued to be acquired all throughout one’s life, aptitude, however, is concretized by the age of 14 and it doesn`t alter further with age or education.

What is Personality-
Personality is the sum of an individual’s emotions, attitude, and behavior. It is the natural behavioral response pattern of a person in any normal situation. How one behaves, how one reacts to a given situation, how one carries oneself, the character that a person has, their individuality, the person that they are – all of this makes up the personality of an individual

How we do it?
Psychometric Test– Aptitude, Subject-ability, Intelligence, Emotional-firmness & Personality
-Word Association Test
-Thematic Apperception Test
-Personal Interaction with Student
-Discussion with Student & Parents

A detailed report will be provided on the basis of outcomes of these tests, recommending best course of study and career along with a detailed personality and aptitude analysis of student mentioning general traits, strengths, weaknesses and much more.  

INR 1000/-  per student only 

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Key Features
  • Best Course of Study
  • Colleges and Universities and their Admission Procedure
  • Personal Guidance
  • Detailed Personality and Aptitude Analysis
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Workplace Habits
  • Best Careers for You
  • I.Q. and E.Q. Analysis
  • Multiple Intelligence and Abilities Analysis
  • Personalized Online Dashboard
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