Get a Counsellor for Your School - Pay per Month

Get a Counsellor for Your School - Pay per Month

Counseling is the skilled use of relationship to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources. Children might need extra emotional support beyond the normal pastoral care offered by their teachers. The underlying belief is that a child’s capacity to learn effectively depends on his emotional development. Being healthy means dealing with the changes in body and mind, relationships, families, emotions and other variable parameters of life.

Now you may have an experienced counsellor/educational psychologist visiting your school regularly once or twice a week as per your need to take good care of counselling needs of your school for a small amount. Write to us and our school relation manager would be happy to reach you and discuss counselling needs of your school.

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Why guidance and counseling in school-

A Child is enrolled at school at about six years of age and leaves school at the age of about eighteen years, thus remains in school through the sensitive and formative years, the period when physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, ethical and moral values take firm roots. 

By the time he/she leaves the school he/she would already have established the patterns of his/her behavior, further academic/professional pursuit and much likely life career. He/She has been molded already hopefully into honest and productive member of the society or otherwise

It is therefore, in the light of the above facts that guidance and counseling is considered essential part of the education process.

Guidance and Counseling to Adolescents

Adolescence is the most important period of human life. Poets have described it as the spring of life of human being and an important era in the life span of an individual. Psychologists define it as “the transitional period of life”.

Adolescence is the age of great ideals and the beginning of theories as well as the time of simple adaptation to reality”. It is a period when individual is over whelmed by a number of simultaneous developments. They are a bit confused and worried about their role as males and females belonging to particular group of sex.

Adolescence is considered as an age of problems. The solutions to these problems must be satisfactory both to the adolescent and to the social group of his happiness and success. Then there are problems which affect his relations with parents, teachers and society in general. The problems of an adolescent are quite serious as compared to those of children. He is even more of a problem for himself than to others. 

We will counsel the students at least twice in a month in tutorial groups about the problems of  adolescence and provide them with the practical road map to the self-control of emotions.

Overcoming Exam Stress

Prevention is the best cure, wise say. No counselor can prepare a child overnight for exams. With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming, our counselors simulate the exam conditions motivating students to prepare well and not to waste time thinking that exams are far in future. This way they become better prepared for the exam at right time leaving no room for anxiety or exam stress.

Career Counseling

Career choices are life choices and thus must be taken seriously.

Career planning and preparation should start right along with formal education. The employability potential of a student is just not restricted to his graduation. As a future employee, a student faces many challenges. He has to acquire many  relevant skills like communication, trouble-shooting, decision-making, leadership and problem-solving etc for particular career.

Thus choosing a career in accordance with our natural aptitude gives great satisfaction and height.

Maanasdhara identifies the aptitude by the means of psychological testing and counsel the students accordingly so as to enable them acquire career they are made for.

Key Features
  • Experienced and dedicated counselors.
  • Focus on healthy emotional development.
  • Adolescents' counseling.
  • Overcoming exam stress.
  • Better time management.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • Career Counseling.
  • Psychometric based career advice.
  • Aptitude tests for students.
  • Better relations with teachers and parents.
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