First-Aid Training for Teachers

First-Aid Training for Teachers

First aid training is essential for all teachers. Modern lifestyle of families has put its toll on health and well-being of children. Thus it becomes very important that all teachers have training on how to cope up skilfully with any medical emergency arising in school.
Self-medication also has become a common practice in our society and is extremely harmful. This training will equip teachers with general basic knowledge and guidelines thus spreading the light of awareness in society through students.


The training includes following-

* Hand washing procedure
* Taking a pulse & respiratory rate.
* Abdominal Pain & Vomiting.
* Fainting/Shock.
* Anaphylaxis ( Allergic reactions).
* General cuts and wounds/Bruises.
* Bleeding/Nose bleeding.
* Asthma/Choking.
* Fever & headache.
* Seizure/Stroke.
* Sprains/Strains.
* Bee and Wasp stings.
* Bites/Spider/Blisters.
* Broken Bones/Dislocation.
* Amputation-partial/complete.
* Burns/Degree of burns.
* Chest pain/Cardiac pains/Arrest.
* Dental problems- Baby teeth/tooth loss, broken braces and wires, broken or displaced tooth, Toothache, Wedged object between teeth.
* Diabetes- Hypo & Hyper Glycaemia.
* Ear- Bug/Insect in ear, ear-ache, foreign objects in ear.
* Eyes- Chemical burns, Discharge, Foreign object in eye, Bruises/Blows, Penetrating Injury.
* Mouth/Jaw injuries.
* Electrical shock.
* Poisonings.
* Emergency Care Procedures- CPR.

Duration- One Day Event

Charges- INR 1000/- Per Teacher ( Minimum 20 Teachers )

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Key Features
  • One day workshop.
  • Especially crafted for teachers.
  • Activities and Live presentations.
  • Large and small group sessions.
  • Powerpoint presentations.
  • Audio-visual contents.
  • Individual and group exercises.
  • Certificate to every participant.
  • Printed first-aid guide for every participant
  • Corrective Sessions.
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