Classroom Management and Effective Teaching - Workshop

Classroom Management and Effective Teaching - Workshop


Effective Teaching is an art. This program addresses basic core skills of effective teaching in its own unique way. We follow a how to do it approach in place of what should you do approach. With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming, our resource person lays a pathway towards betterment of teaching skills and enhancement of teaching-learning process in the classroom. Classroom Management is also among one of the core skills addressed. This program can put a person on the pathway of transformation from a fresh graduate into an effective teacher.

For example by practicing a short technique, a teacher would be able to remove hesitation or nervousness of a student or a teacher will not feel like going corporal with students even when situation is like that. Neuro Linguistic Programming is an effective tool in hand of teachers and just by mastering a few techniques, a teacher will be able to enhance the quality of teaching-learning process in the class.

Key Features of the Workshop 

* School - Why to ? and How to ?
* An Art and work of Heart
* You and Your Surroundings – Know, Feel, Respect and Prepare 
* Honesty- Important is to be honest- not to look honest
* Teaching- Respond.. Do not React 
* Classroom Management - Faboulous 15 of C.M. 
* Torch Bearers – Handling Mistakes

Duration- One Day Event

Charges- INR 10000/- Only ( For 20-80 Teachers )

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