Branding of School


Branding of School is a gradual and ongoing process. It also requires time and efforts yet once it’s done, the premium you get, justifies all the efforts. We are experienced in creating brands that encompass your visions, excitement and plans and communicate this to prospective parents and pupils. We understand that each school is unique and often built on years of strong foundations. We will work closely with you to get to know your school and ensure that the brand we create fits you. Creating the right brand is essential in presenting your school in flying colors.

We present to you an entirely new approach to enhance your brand image. The process begins with the assessment of your school’s current brand. This includes present Infrastructure, logo, website, online presence, presence on social platforms, colour theme, tagline, tactical-surveys, school’s broad image, spoken image of teachers, physical visits to community served by you along with other important and viable factors. After this a detailed report will be presented to you stating the outcomes leading to decisive discussions and planning enhancement of brand value of the school.

Clubbing together the outcomes of assessment, budget, time and mission statement our team will start working on the mutually discussed plan. From here the things vary school to school, though the general steps are-

Creation/re-creation of the brand.
Development of the brand.
Defining brand to the community and
Promotion of the brand

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