Maanasdhara Accreditations

  Under the aegis of MTESRT

Maanasdhara functions under the aegis of "Maanasdhara Trust for Educational, Social and Psychological Research and Training" established under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 with a mission to develop educational and social tools for the betterment of students, teachers, parents and the society.

  Registered with MSME, Govt. of India (UAN-UP56D0021480)

Maanasdhara is registered with Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India with Udyog Aadhar Number UP56D0021480.

  Registered Skill Provider (DOE, Ministry of Labour & Employment)

Maanasdhara is registered with National Career Service, Directorate of Employment, Ministry of Labour and Employment as SKILL PROVIDER with registration number as S14D59-1007547185439 to provide Career & Guidance Counselor [ 205 ], Child & Adolescent Counselor [ 203 ], Family & Marriage Counselor [ 204 ], Corporate Counsellor [ 209 ] and Spoken English And Communication Skill [ 102 ] facilities to stakeholders.

  Corporate Member of IASEP, New Delhi

Maanasdhara is a corporate member of "Indian Association for Social and Educational Psychology", Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

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